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Post & Core: An Essential and Time-Proven Procedure

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What Is a Post and Core?

If a large enough portion of a tooth is missing, whether because of a cavity, the loss of a filling, or the access cavity from root canal work, a restorative dentist can’t simply place a crown on the tooth, because it won’t be stable enough. This is where a core comes in, replacing the missing tooth structure and providing support for the new crown. Sometimes the core is enough. If not, a post may be added to anchor the core to the tooth.

Material Matters With Post and Core Treatment

The materials the core and particularly the post are made of have a major impact on whether or not the tooth will remain stable. Clinical evidence shows that metal posts don’t do much to stabilize the tooth and may lead to fractures, whereas complications from fiber-reinforced posts are rare because the material distributes the stress to the surrounding tissues in a similar way to natural dentin.

Where to Get a Post and Core in Freehold Township, NJ

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