The Perfect Alternative to Traditional Braces

Invisalign Freehold

Discover Your Path to a Straighter, More Confident Smile with Invisalign 

The secret to achieving a beautifully aligned smile without the inconveniences and discomfort associated with traditional braces is Invisalign. At Premier Arts Dental in Freehold, NJ, we proudly offer this revolutionary orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry option that caters to the unique needs and preferences of our patients in the Freehold area.

The Invisalign Advantage: A Comfortable and Convenient Journey

Invisalign utilizes a series of soft plastic aligners that seamlessly fit over your teeth, working gently and gradually to straighten your smile. Bid farewell to the irritation caused by wires and brackets, as these aligners offer unparalleled comfort. An added perk — these aligners are removable, allowing you to maintain your oral hygiene routines with ease and savor your favorite meals without restrictions. You’ll get the smile you’ve always wanted without anyone around you noticing that you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Your Daily Invisalign Experience

During the initial days of each stage in your treatment, you may experience slight discomfort — a sign that the aligners are efficiently applying pressure to reposition your teeth. Unlike traditional braces, resist the temptation to remove your aligners to alleviate this pressure; consistency is key for optimal results. Wear your aligners at all times, excluding meals, snacks, and oral care routines, to ensure an efficient treatment timeline. You can also carry on with whitening treatments because these aligners won’t get in the way like metal brackets would.

While an adjustment period is normal, most patients experience minimal difficulty speaking clearly with their aligners. As your comfort with the aligners grows, any initial challenges should. For those who play brass or woodwind instruments, these aligners will likely not get in the way as much as traditional braces would.

Caring for Your Invisalign Trays

Taking good care of your aligner trays is very different from taking good care of braces, since the aligners can be removed. Follow these tips to keep your aligners in the best condition:

  • Easy Cleaning Routine: Ensure the longevity and clarity of your aligners by brushing and rinsing them in lukewarm water. Utilize Invisalign Cleaning Crystals or specialized cleaning tablets for added freshness. Prioritize brushing and flossing after each meal before reinserting your aligners.
  • Food Freedom: Unlike traditional braces, these aligners impose no restrictions on your favorite foods. Indulge with confidence, provided you adhere to proper oral care practices before placing your aligners back in your mouth.
  • Cautionary Measures: Minimize gum chewing while wearing aligners, as it may adhere to them. For meals and snacks, always remove your aligners. Smoking during treatment is discouraged due to potential staining and the increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Why Choose Invisalign Over Alternatives? 

Invisalign stands as a premier choice for orthodontic treatment, renowned for its effectiveness and patient-friendly attributes. As a trusted brand in invisible aligners, Invisalign offers the freedom to remove aligners for meals and oral care, coupled with the opportunity to preview your virtual treatment plan before commencing. That being said, we are happy to work with patients who started their orthodontic treatment with Smile Direct Club. If you chose Smile Direct Club at first, we can help you reach your orthodontic goals.

Retainers After Invisalign: Sustaining Your Beautiful Smile

Post-treatment, retainers are essential to help your teeth adjust to their new positions. If you opt for Invisalign, following your dentist’s instructions on retainer usage is paramount for lasting results.

Premier Arts Dental: Your Partner for Invisalign Excellence

For Freehold-area patients averse to traditional braces, Invisalign emerges as a preferred alternative recommended by our expert dental team. Ideal for addressing dental crowding and alignment concerns, these aligners represent a modern approach to teeth straightening without compromising aesthetics. Our goal at Premier Arts Dental is to help you determine if these aligners are the right solution for your unique orthodontic needs.

Embark on a transformative journey to a straighter, more confident smile with Invisalign at Premier Arts Dental. Book your consultation today, and let’s explore the possibilities of enhancing your smile with this innovative orthodontic solution. We want to help determine whether or not this option is right for you. Call us today at (732) 696-7547 or email us to set up a smile consultation, and make sure to check the map for directions before you head our way.

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