Dental Extractions in Freehold, NJ


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Dental Extractions in Freehold, NJ

Severe tooth decay, trauma, chances of malalignment, the eruption of wisdom teeth, etc., are common reasons people undergo tooth extractions. Extraction is a quick outpatient procedure. However, extraction of broken or impacted teeth requires a more elaborated process.

What are Dental Extractions?

In simple terms, tooth extraction is the removal of one or more teeth from their sockets. They are done under local, general, or intravenous anesthesia or sometimes in combination.

Conditions During Which You Require Extraction

  • When infection or decay has damaged your teeth severely
  • Injury or trauma to your teeth
  • When there is no space for all teeth in your mouth, leading to malocclusion
  • During orthodontic treatment to make space to align your teeth
  • When your wisdom teeth lie horizontally or have no space for the eruption
  • In children, when milk teeth don't fall on time

Preparation Required for Extraction

Before we remove your teeth, we take your dental and medical history and x-rays to find out the position, length, and shape of your teeth and surrounding structures. It helps to determine the type of extraction needed. We give you local anesthesia to numb the area locally for a simple extraction. For a surgical extraction, we administer intravenous anesthesia.

Types of Extraction

Extractions could be either simple or surgical. We determine the process required by physical examination and checking the x-ray.

Simple extraction

It is the removal of the visible teeth in your mouth. In this process, we give local anesthesia to you, loosen your teeth, and remove it from the socket.

Surgical extraction

As the name says, it is a surgical process required for either impacted or broken teeth. We make a small cut into your gums and remove the tooth to perform a surgical extraction. After performing extraction, we put a piece of sterile gauze into your mouth, ask you to bite it, and let it stay for up to 30 to 45 minutes until bleeding stops.

Things to Keep in Mind After Extraction

  • Do not remove the gauze before 45 minutes to allow clot formation
  • Do not rinse your mouth vigorously
  • Do not chew on hard food and consume only a soft diet
  • Avoid consuming hot liquids
  • Do not smoke
  • Do not use a straw
  • Steer clear from brushing or flossing near the extraction site
  • Take prescribed medications on time

You are required to follow these instructions for up to 24 hours after your extraction.


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