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Emergency Dentist in Freehold, NJ

Dental emergencies are problems in your teeth and their surrounding tissues that need immediate attention. Emergencies can range from bacterial or fungal infections to fractured teeth or teeth restorations. Every dental emergency requires treatment and solution that is different from regular situations. Dentists should always supervise dental emergencies to preserve the teeth for as long as possible.

Some Dental Emergencies and Ways to Handle Them


Some pains can be controlled without the need for emergency care, while some toothache, involving swelling of gums, requires urgent attention. Do not take regular pain-relieving remedies because these medications often affect the gums and inflame the soft gum tissues. A cold compressor, such as a cold pack, can be applied on the cheek, outside the affected area for a soothing sensation while calling your dentist for emergency care.

Chipped or Broken Teeth

Chipped teeth can occur when you bite down too hard on something causing severe pain. Rinse your mouth with lukewarm water and put cotton or gauze to the area of bleeding. Apply cold packs on the cheek outside the site of injury to reduce pain and swelling. Call your dentist for emergency care. 

Knocked-Out Tooth

In cases such as these, please pick up the avulsed tooth using its crown and clean the root of any dirt to avoid infections. Be careful while doing this as not to remove the tissues attached to the tooth. Do not try to place the tooth back in the socket yourself, as it can cause complications. If you reach us within an hour of the incident, it increases the chances of restoring knocked-out teeth. Contact our dentist immediately.

Lost Filling, Crown, or Broken Orthodontics

Use a temporary fix while your emergency care arrives. Do not try and fix the teeth, as this may damage them and cause more infection. Place a clean piece of gauze into the cavity to avoid bacterial attack and keep the teeth restoration in a clear bag, away from dirt.

Sometimes the metal wires of braces may break while chewing or eating. You may try pushing back the wire into its normal position. Cover the exposed portion of the braces with orthodontic wax or a cotton ball and seek emergency service if it's not possible.

Bleeding and Pain After Tooth Extraction

Call your dentist for emergency service if the pain persists even after an hour of the surgery. Meanwhile, place clean gauze over the site and apply pressure to reduce bleeding. Do not eat or drink in this phase.

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