Bad breath: Causes and Treatments

Bad breath: Causes and Treatments

Bad breath is a major dental concern for people as the odor bothers themselves as well as the people around them. The dentists of Premier Arts Dental, have provided the cause and treatment for bad breath below.

What Causes Bad Breath?


Smoking is a damaging habit that can lead to major health concerns. It can cause severe damage to dental health by leading to gum disease, tooth decay and mouth cancer that cause bad breath. The habit leaves back chemicals inside the mouth which mix with the saliva and lead to foul breath. 


Patients who have dental infections may experience bad breath. The bacteria in the mouth interact with the amino acids which can lead to smelly compounds in the mouth. Patients who are diagnosed with gum disease may also experience bad breath. 

Poor Dental Hygiene

People who do not practice good dental care may have foul breath. Brushing and flossing help to remove food particles and debris in the mouth. 

What are the Treatments for Bad Breath?

Dental Hygiene

Practice regular brushing and flossing to maintain good dental hygiene. It helps to remove food particles in the mouth and keeps away bacteria from the mouth. It is also important to scrape the tongue which helps to remove the bacteria that is behind the throat. 

Wash the Mouth

After each meal, the patient should rinse the mouth thoroughly. Consumption of some types of food can cause bad-smelling breath which can be removed by washing the mouth. 

Treat Dental Concerns

Dental diseases must be treated at the earliest to avoid bad breath. Dentists perform treatments that help to resolve the dental issues and avoid the chance of bad breath.

Dental Cleaning

It is a dental service that is performed to remove the plaque and tartar in the mouth. Accumulation of plaque and tartar can cause periodontal diseases which can result in bad breath. 

Consult the Dentist

Visiting the dentist regularly can help detect the cause of bad breath and treat them at the earliest. The patient can return home with fresh breath and maintain it through simple dental practice.  

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